An'other' Suggestion for Facebook Relationship Status

I long for an 'Other' option in the Facebook drop-down menu for relationship status. And once selected, you could elaborate with a description of your own choosing:

What is your relationship status? 
Afraid of Commitment
Waiting For Boyfriend To Text Back
In Denial
Trying to Annul Vegas Marriage
Engaged But With Strong Reservations
Ready To Lower My Standards
Forever Alone
Sexting A Lot
Not Sure. She Looks Pissed.

In addition, each time I changed my status, things like this would come up in everyone's newsfeed:

Candice went from being  Afraid of Commitment  to  Sleeping Alone

Candice went from being  Ready To Lower My Standards  to  Married

Candice went from being  Single & Ready to Party!!  to  Trying to Annul Vegas Marriage

Candice went from being  Polygamous  to  Send Help. This Is Cult. Have Only 30secs of Inter

I do not think I would ever run out of ideas for this, nor would I ever tire of trying.


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