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Facebook Version of Your Actual Life

People today have two versions of their lives: their Actual Life and the Facebook (Instagram/ Snapchap/Tinder/ Social Media) Version.

Actual Life endures the harsh truths that must be confronted each morning; work, bills, wrinkles, bad news, bad breath, free-to-air television, crushed dreams.

While the Facebook Version skips over all the crap parts, highlights and filters the best bits and photoshops across the board.

I'm guilty of this myself.

I was recently on a roadtrip through the US and posted a photo on instagram of a snow-covered landscape and a wide open road ahead, implying that I was free and fearless. Exploring the world. Just living the dream.

And while it WAS an amazing time, I had driven many hours that day, alone and singing to myself. The temperature had dropped very quickly when I'd reached these flat, exposed areas, making the roads icy and unsafe and at some points, an almost total whiteout.
(Also - I had to stop in the middle of a HIGHWAY to get this photo…