Arctic Wit

One of the adventures in which I partook while I was visiting Alaska was a tour up to the Arctic Circle. On the day I chose to tour, the bus was full of local US Air Force personnel who had the day off, their families and me. That's it. What I'm saying is, I stood out.

Near the Arctic, only two passengers were bold/foolish enough to climb up to this lookout point: me and a 12 year old kid. On the trek, I asked him, 'Since you've lived in Alaska your whole life, how cold does it need to get before you'd say 'wow, it's really cold'?' 
He thought about it, then replied, 'That really depends on what I'm wearing'. 

Touché my quick witted, young friend. 

(This same child would later pull me up a snow slope after I sank & trapped myself. I'm told it was hilarious to watch from the bus. You're welcome, America.)


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