I Saw Real Life Castaway Man

I spent most of 2012 living in Sydney and one of the best things about that city, and there are many great things, is that it's equal parts metropolitan and beach lifestyle. If you want to go out and be sophisticated at a trendy wine bar, you can. Or if you want to wander down to the beach in your short shorts without brushing your hair, you can do that too. People let you be. Not necessarily because they are without judgement, but because no-one gives a crap what you do. They are too busy being Australian, which largely consists of not giving a crap about stuff.

On my weekends, I would wander down to Coogee beach, a smaller and quieter beach, just south of the famous Bondi. It was there, one sunny Sunday afternoon, that I saw him: it was Real Life Tom Hanks Castaway Man.

He finally made it off that island, guys. 
No sign of Wilson.


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