Vintage Creepy Family Photo

Part of my day involves searching through stock photos to go along with my blog posts. Some random things come up, but I actually heard haunting theme music when I first saw this stock 'Family' image. 

Hard to pinpoint my strongest area of discomfort. Is it the Dad? He looks like he might be a mannequin that the photography studio keeps on site and wheels in when Real Dad's not around. Maybe I'm unsettled by the piercing, serial killer-inspired gaze from the child 2nd from the left? Or his brother, 'Ted Bundy', on the far right? I also note that the kid at the front, clearly the smallest, wears the biggest tie. Is this a deliberate joke? Eerie, since none present strike me as big pranksters. Especially not Mom. From her wistful expression, I gather that she is either remembering back to the last time they let her outside (1807) or yearning for a time when the mannequin's hair wasn't styled like that.

Regardless, if I'd been invited to dinner at this house, I would've told them I had tuberculosis and couldn't make it.


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