Texts To Rob

I've recently become the involuntary recipient of someone else's text messages. Someone is texting my number and mistakenly believes me to be a gentleman named Rob.

The texts are sporadic, make no cohesive sense and come in at random times of the day. For example, late one Saturday night I received:  Did u say anything?

I did not respond and a couple of weeks later, there was: Rob. I will need u also 1145 at 11b. See you in 3 minutes in office.

A period after a name is never a good sign. And 3 minutes is a very specific ETA. Why not 5? And just what, exactly, goes on at 11b?

After the most recent message, Rob pls go thru messages on message bank and respond, I'm fairly certain that I am being texted by Rob's Manager or Boss.

I could simply text back and clarify that I am the wrong person. But I have come to enjoy the snippets of Rob's life that I occasionally glimpse.

I can only wonder as to the extent of the havoc I'm creating in Rob's professional life by allowing this to continue. ..."I swear Mr. Jones! I never got your message."

The most boring mystery ever continues...


  1. This may or may not have anything to do with this story, but I heard a consultant calling for a Rob when I was at Centrelink yesterday.

  2. The next message to follow your glimpse into Rob's messages will be something like, "Rob. Seeing you don't answer your texts or listen to your message bank, you are now out of a job. Your Boss." LOL!. Keep posting this!

    1. Thanks Lynnette! I just got another text - hope you saw the latest Rob Update!


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