Boat Passenger Comment Card #1

Part of my job up here in Seward, Alaska, involves entering the feedback we receive from hundreds of comment cards that are returned to us by passengers after they have taken our boat tours. These are some of their least feasible suggestions. 

Comment Card
June 17th, 2013
Anonymous, Australia

What can we do to improve the tour?

Get the whales to jump higher and stay out of the water longer for better photos

Dear Anonymous,
You seem to be under the impression that we control the whales and other wildlife. This is not the case - hence the prefix 'wild'. The whales are also contending with gravity, thus in order to satisfy this request we would need to change the physical laws of the universe. We are currently unable to do so.
We thank you for your feedback.


  1. This was definitely a blonde from Wagga Wagga. This "species" assume that because the whales in Alaska are not down under, the whales should be able to be up over and therefor should stay in the air longer. This fact comes from an exhaustive study conducted by somebody at sometime.


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