Texts To Rob: Exciting Update!

(Don't know who Rob is? Me neither! See where the mystery began here.)

I have received the latest unexpected, misplaced text from Rob's boss. It was written with his usual abrupt style and devil-may-care attitude toward punctuation.

It read: Rob Asha are u on way. We really need to start early as really short week. I have given rob extra day off and it poured with rain so management will be an issue. Lets make this week a winner. Asha rob is now an uncle

Through the mental insertion of a comma following the name 'Asha' at the end of the text, I was able to ascertain the news regarding Rob, as declared above.

Exciting news everyone! It appears that Rob is now an Uncle!


  1. For a second there I thought we had learned that Rob's full name was Rob Asha and that he was in trouble because he was being referred to his full name. But yes, big congratulations to Rob who is now an uncle. I hope Asha got the hint to congratulate Rob and to not give him such a hard time about the rain over the weekend.


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